Top X lists are generally clickbait tripe. But we need people, I need to interview them, so “Top 5 Interview Questions” sounds worth clicking. And then I read this: When I asked “tell me about something you’ve led,” one of the candidates paused and then answered, “I once led a revolt against management in a manufacturing company I worked for.” Wrong answer.

No. It’s the right answer. Not the only right answer, but it may just be the best answer.

Just like you you can only be brave when you’re afraid, you can only show leadership when following you carries a risk or sacrifice. Otherwise, you’re just front-running a trend.

The term “leadership” has been co-opted in the business world. It used to have real meaning that implied courage, sacrifice, and dedication. Now it is just another dot on the corporate bullshit bingo card. Business people now actually think leadership is about being popular and liked; not offending anyone in power and following the rules, to the point that leading a rebellion disqualifies you from a leadership role with whatever this Procurious outfit is.

The Myth of the RFP

The Myth of the RFP for Everything at Half Price

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