CSRHub Scores Join RampRate’s SPY Index

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. May 16, 2012 – RampRate Sourcing Advisors, the premier sourcing advisor for IT infrastructure and cloud computing, has integrated CSRHub’s corporate-social-responsibility scores into its proprietary SPY Index decision hub, enriching it so that IT decision makers can evaluate how well suppliers align with their corporate environmental, social, and community values. VIEW PRODUCT HERE

“CSRHub’s scores are an important addition to the SPY Index, taking the IT industry’s most comprehensive data set on services, prices and quality levels into a new dimension,” said RampRate CEO Tony Greenberg. “Now, we’ll also evaluate providers’ environmental and energy-conservation efforts and other factors, truly measuring total cost of ownership (TCO) and evaluating supplier impacts on your company’s triple bottom line.”

CSRHub rates about 5,000 publicly traded companies on their corporate social responsibility achievements, using more than 150 information sources that measure environmental sensitivity, corporate governance, community engagement and employee treatment.