Migration to Cloud: Solving the App Modernization Use Case

Migration HyperSource.IT! Call it app modernization as-a-service. For many enterprises it is their “last mile” to the cloud: How to assess and measure the business impact of migrating legacy, e.g., non-virtualized, distributed applications to one or more cloud deployment options.

In a previous post, Bulletproof Your Core App Migration to the Cloud: An Essential Readiness Checklist, I presented a checklist for assessing and selecting the right cloud migration path, transition approach, operating model, and service provider(s) for core enterprise apps. In that post, I suggested a way to think about the work breakdown structure (WBS) and artifacts that you will want to produce before engaging with your business unit application teams on a cloud migration initiative.

In this article, I am going to take the WBS to the next level by delineating seven key value outcomes you can deliver to business and IT stakeholders in the migration initiative. I will then present a common business use case for core app migration to the cloud that maps the activities, dependencies and primary inputs associated with the WBS. I also suggest some common solution scenarios where the use case can be applied.

My goal is to illustrate how the approach embodied in my WBS creates tangible value for you and your organization.