IT budget optimization:

Did you know that armed with one additional toolset you can hit the IT budget optimization trifecta in 2016?

I call it HyperSourcing, which is a way of saying, “your IT infrastructure optimized, aligned to business needs, with just-in-time sourcing decisions backed by big data.” HyperSourcing complements your ITSM and ITBM power tools. Here’s how and it’s brain-dead simple:
1. ITSM providers you with your service inventory.

2. ITBM gives you in-depth transparency and reporting regarding usage and costs of your IT services.

3. HyperSourcing provides the analytic perspective correlating contractual commitment against operational usage and surplus capacity for your IT services, so when optimizing you know where to negotiate, with whom, what to insist on, and what your bottom line can and should be. And you’ve got the business case to back it up—with your suppliers and your CFO.

Yes, it is as easy as 1-2-3. Want to know more?

By combining ITSM, ITBM, and HyperSourcing you can translate allocated vs. unallocated capacity by workload into direct dollars to support IT budget optimization.

HyperSourcing toolsets have the capability to identify, map and source key workload requirements against cost and minimal viable QoS needs related to your supplier pool—and to in turn feed ITBM budget optimization inputs.