IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure – A little over a month ago, on a hot and sunny day at a coffee shop in Santa Monica, I bumped into Tony Greenberg, CEO of RampRate Sourcing Advisors, as I was waiting for my double espresso.

I’ve known Tony from years ago, when I was running marketing for one of the world’s first Managed Services Providers during the dot-com explosion in the late 1990’s.  He was one of the early executives at Exodus Communications, the first Internet Data Center, and he started RampRate Sourcing Advisors in early 2000 to help companies optimize their IT infrastructure services, thereby lowering costs and reducing risks.

Tony is a pretty fascinating guy.  He’s a high-energy successful technology entrepreneur, CEO, thinker and futurist. He knows more about IT Infrastructure services – data centers, CDN, managed services – than anyone I have ever met.  Not only does he know the technology inside and out, but he understands, at a very intellectual level, how the vendors (colo, telco, MSPs, cloud, data center) sell – this is key to the unique value that RampRate provides big-name clients, like eBay.