Why HyperSourcing?

Hypersourcing Are you are planning a new cloud deployment, or a move from your data center, colo or managed hosting environment to a public, private, or hybrid cloud? If you are, then assessing and selecting the right cloud provider is one of the most strategic decisions that you will undertake.

Decision-makers often suffer from confusion over key questions about the true cost, risk, and total economic impact of moving their core applications to the cloud.

Cloud HyperSourcing provides an objective third-party process and toolset for creating the definitive business case for moving app workloads to an enterprise cloud.  It supports multi-supplier and hybrid deployment scenarios.  The end result is alignment on cost and TCO transparency for business and IT decision makers.

The solution addresses managed, as well as unmanaged, and “shadow IT” workloads.  It enables buyers to adopt a multi-supplier, best-fit approach for applications.  Such an approach offers buyers a wide range of service provider options, thus ensuring optimal deployment efficiencies.  Enterprises are afforded the freedom to place workloads on cloud infrastructures with the greatest efficiency and least risk, while leveraging best-of-breed managed services and tools for a single point of control for their application life cycles.