Data Center

Data Center and Colocation

Data Center To cut costs and reduce risk, you need specific information about data centers and colocation suppliers.

While cloud gets all the hype, outsourced datacenters are still carrying the bulk of the enterprise workload. But, there’s a growing gap between modern high-density, high-efficiency facilities and traditional low-value colo. How do you quantify the impact?

With our in-depth supplier profiles and pricing information, you can:

  •  Renegotiate mid-term contracts – yes, in mid-term
  •  Benchmark shared services vs. peers and vs. market to see where you stand
  •  Identify the best regional locations to greatly reduce cost and risk
  •  Find one-of-a-kind opportunities for anchor tenancies, highly localized hosting, global expansion, built-in DC power, and Tier IV data centers
  •  Cut procurement time from months to weeks
  •  Accelerate time frames to complete a contract within as little as two to three weeks

Get the best price for your data center needs.

Many different elements need to be taken into account when planning data center outsourcing, including geography, data center tier, historical reliability, reference reviews, SLA guarantees, protection against natural disasters, etc. A best practice approach boils all of these considerations down into a simple scorecard for direct apples-to-apples comparisons across all aspects of potential solutions, including both outsourced and in-house.

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