As we move toward Outsourcing 4.0, the fundamental task is to enable these models, solutions and services, both technologically and operationally. The advisory role also is increasingly focusing on service integration within multisourced management models that effectively drive collaboration and shared ownership of service issues and outcomes. By ensuring that each provider on the team has skin in the game, these mechanisms can eliminate the finger-pointing that characterized early multisourced relationships.

We are also seeing advisory firms implement advanced managed services and governance models to provide ongoing support of financial, contract, relationship and performance management functions, thus ensuring progressive movement toward the target operating model or future mode of operation.

In effect, by outsourcing the day-to-day management of their outsourcers, clients can be assured they are getting what they paid for, while being able to pay more attention to the larger perspective of focusing on their business goals and ensuring that their provider relationships are on track.

As the sourcing market evolves, the advisor’s role has become increasingly central and strategic to client success in assessing, designing, selecting, implementing and managing solutions—and in moving service providers to a higher state of operational excellence.

With frequent disruption now the rule in a maturing market, discontinuities become a constant, and limited differentiation sets in. The players and possible paths to success have only multiplied.

My continued desire to save money for clients, improve their operations and solve business problems still keeps me in business. The scale and magnitude of their operations, and the excitement of being in the midst of the largest, multi-faceted global transformations, challenge the builder in me to continue to build.

When I started my career, the marketplace was trending from simplicity to complexity. Today, I’m seeking to drive a dimensional change and reverse course, so that we are moving from complexity to simplicity. In the context of my professional journey, this is why I made the decision to move to the advisory side.

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