A one-stop-shop to align sourcing around impact. Every buying decision is a vote to advance your ideals or compromise them. Syzygy makes that choice easy by: Syzygy Advance Clients & Investments DISCOVERING Reveal the impact personality of your organization – is it focused on the environment, people, or governance? Internal or external constituencies? Getting back to nature or faith in technical progress? ALIGNING Calibrate the incentives in your organization with your impact personality to ensure that doing good is everyone’s job. COLLABORATING Connect with partners who share your ideals and will do the right thing without being forced. Impact Technology & Innovation Companies SYZYGY ADVANCE CLIENTS & INVESTMENTS An innovative digital merchant bank that is redefining what investing becomes through improving liquidity and democratizing access to financial markets. PARTNER & ADVISOR Healthcare venture studio with a focus on alternative medicine. ADVISOR The world’s first digital banking platform where every customer is an owner and 50% of profits are allocated to social and environmental impact. LP India’s top social impact fund that has already impacted 1.2 million people run by Will Poole & Dave Richards. LP Seed fund run and funded by world-class investors and team led by Laurel Toby. Private equity firm helping companies rebuild aftermarket disruptions. INVESTOR Impact Venture & Finance PARTNER & BOARD MEMBER Data Transparency & Fraud Prevention Companies SYZYGY ADVANCE CLIENTS & INVESTMENTS The Waze of navigating through Internet congestion by crowdsourcing real-time routing data is creating breakthroughs in IoT, MPLS, and SD-WAN markets while helping expand access to connectivity. PARTNER Special motion capture VR platform to transform gaming into fitness for kids worldwide. And other proof-of-stake platforms (Connector) – replacing wasteful crypto mining with trusted nodes backed by recognizable brands. INVESTOR Building a more secure and transparent world by publishing open-source software that is free for everyone to use. ADVISOR A new approach to affiliate marketing focused on creating financial independence through solidifying trust with a physical sustainable eco-conscious communal living manifestation in Kauai. Impact Technology & Innovation ADVISOR & INVESTOR Private Pending Resilience Partners SYZYGY ADVANCE CLIENTS & INVESTMENTS The secure digital ID technology helping more than a million people around the world verify their identity with full control of their privacy BOARD MEMBER/INVESTOR Special motion capture VR platform to transform gaming into fitness for kids worldwide. Marketplace and curated, verified content on the provenance and purity of consumer products, with an initial focus on health & beauty. Data Transparency & Fraud Prevention PARTNER INVESTOR & ADVISOR A Syzygy Advance joint venture focused specifically on amplifying verified solutions that help the world fight against Covid-19 and pushing out the charlatans and opportunists in these areas: Zero Waste IT “ZWIT” IDENTIFICATION Testing, scanning, contact tracing, etc. Personal protective equipment, sanitizer, reconfiguration of common spaces, etc. PREVENTION VIA PHYSICAL MEASURES SYZYGY ADVANCE CLIENTS & INVESTMENTS Resilience Partners PREVENTION VIA COMPLIANCE TRAINING & MANAGED SERVICES Implementing best practices among essential workers and bringing in externally trained personnel to augment their capacity IMPACT REDUCTION Immune system boosts & treatment protocols